10 pcs Waxing Polish/Wax Applicator Pads

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The item is a pack of 10pcs polish wax sponge. One sponge can wash and wax your vehicle up to 8 times. Ideal for car cleaning/detailing/valeting. Suitable for use with wax, polish, tire dressing, trim dressing etc.

- Color: Blue.
- Material: Sponge.
- Size: About 12 * 12 cm(L*W).
- Two sides of this sponge can be used easily.
- Can be used for car waxing, cleaning, dashboard body clean, maintain leather seats, air-conditioning outlet clean. 
- Apply to car interior instrument desk, leather seats, bumpers, car skirt goods such as glazing protection.
- High density, leaving no crumbs, durable.
- When waxing, sponge easy to absorpt solution, makes it easier to wax the car paint.