New 37 in 1 Wrist Chest Strap Monopod Accessories Kit For Gopro

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Package Included:
1 x Carry Storage Case Bag
1 x Chest Strap
1 x Rubber Head Strap
1 x 360 Degree Rotation Wrist Strap
1 x Wifi Remote Control Wrist Belt
12 x Anti-fog Inserts
1 x Lens Protector Cover
1 x Buoyance Rod
2 x Anti-skid Strings
1 x Plastic Wrench
1 x Tripod Mount Adapter
1 x Safety Buckle
1 x Selfie Stick
2 x Curved Mounts
3 x Flat Mounts
2 x Curved Adhesive Tapes
3 x Flat Adhesive Tapes
6 x Bolts
1 x Helmet Selfie Arm
1 x Bicycle Stand
1 x Backpack Clip
3 x Quick Pull Mounts
2 x Tripod Mount Adapter
2 x J-Hook Mount
1 x Round Suction Cup

Bag Material: Nylon
Bag Size: Approx. 32x21x7.5cm/ 12.6x8.27x2.95"
All in one accessories kit for GoPro Hero 4/3+
An ultimate collection for all kind of sport activities, will let you go as extreme as you want
A bunch of mounts that great as spares or replacements ready for when you need to mount for GoPro to other accessories such as helmet, chest and wrist mounts, etc
The bundle also includes adhesive mounts, flat and curved mounts, buckle and J-hook mount as well as thumb screws and other connections